How to win that rental property

1st May 2017

Have you ever applied for a rental and been rejected? It happens to most of us in the rental market at some stage, and most of the time you don’t actually know why you didn’t qualify…
So we have put together a few tips to help you get across the line on that dream rental you are applying for next.

Dress well
Some will say this is common sense argue that appearance hasn’t got anything to do with it, but lets be honest impressions are initially based on appearance.
We aren’t suggesting you suit-up for the occasion, but just look clean, neat and presentable. Most agents or landlords will assume that if you cant look after yourself how are you going to look after their property.

Have an inspection plan
There is nothing worse than running around like a headless chicken wondering which property open is next.
With most of the real estate listing sites now, you can create an account, save the properties you want to view and even print out or download a schedule or viewing plan right off the site – so you really have no excuses here.

Get on 1Form or have a rental resume together before you even go to the inspection.
If you don’t know what 1Form is you are already on the back leg – so get on it and create an account – It is now the standard way in which applications are accepted for most agencies. Once you have created an account with all your details and ID and supporting documents, you can quickly and easily apply for that dream rental listing.
In densely populated areas or for that perfect property everyone else wants, you need to be fast with your application. Agents and Landlords alike want to get their property tenanted fast, so if they receive a number of good applications on the weekend after Saturday’s open, they will most likely offer the property to one on Monday.
We have seen a trend recently where applicants are submitting their 1Form application prior to inspecting the property. If they decide they don’t like it after inspection they simply withdraw their application through 1Form.

Be honest
There is absolutely no point lying about your salary, pets or flatmates as any property manager worth their weight will do background checks on employment and rental history, and if you bring a pet that hasn’t been formally approved by the landlord or Strata committee you could get the boot anyway. (we will discuss more about pets below)

Make them Want you!
Highlight how reliable and desirable you are… whether it’s the fact you have been at the same company for 5 years, or your trade skills and how you can maintain or even improve the property.
There is a separate “notes” section when completing your 1Form profile – use it! Use this area to describe who you are, or what you are bringing to the table that will reassure the landlord that you are the right person for their property!

Put yourself in the landlord’s shoes – at the end of the day, they want someone that will consistently pay rent on time and take good care of their property.
If they can see those attributes in your presentation upon meeting at the viewing and in your rental resume, then you will be far more likely to get that rental property!